hey everyone!

I felt a bit stressed today because I found myself focusing on the things I wasn’t happy about throughout my day instead of being thankful for what I have going well for me. Its funny how that just sneaks up on you without you realizing it then next thing you know you are in a full blown bad mood and not sure why. I came home and talked to my mom and realized I really need to stop stressing about things I can’t change and make efforts to be mindful of the things that are stresers. When I am thankful for what I presently have, I don’t feel so stressed out. Things will work out if I maintain positivity. It can be hard but its not impossible. There is always something to smile about and be happy for. So here is my list of things




I am thankful for:

1. Being alive

2. I have a job

3. I go tto meet a client today whom I have been talking on the phone with since Dec 29

4. I got to visit a friend in another office today and joke around

5. I paid off a bill I owed as much as it was hard to dish out all that money

6. I love my new glasses so much

7. I got to browse some really pretty clothes today in H&M and mentally build my brighter coloured wardrobe

8. My plant, that was previously dying is now looking very much alive and well (its not weeping to the side but standing up tall in its vase)

9. I got to see someone I hadn’t seen since last year when Drake came back to T.O (she is a friend of his)

10. I took a great shower when I came home and had a yummy meal

11. I am enrolled in my next course for school and I am stocked

I am grateful for all these things and then some.

One thing is bothering me though, a lot. I can’t find my ipod. Its 32G and the last time I saw it was before some men came to change my windows. I dread to think they stole it but for he life of my I cannot find it and I have not taken it out of the house. I miss it, I want to add music to it, and it bothers me that I can’t find it. I have looked everywhere for the past 2 weeks. Please pray that I find it. I don’t have a spare $400 lying around to replace it.

Talk to you all later 🙂