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Hello everyone.

Did you know you believe more of what you hear yourself say about you then you do if someone else says it?

Speak positivity, speak prosperity and speak good things about yourself and your life and you will see it happen. It takes a month to create a new habit. Until then, your mind will fight you every step of the way and your feelings (emotions) will have you shifting back and forth as they see fit. If it’s something you really want to do then put one foot in front of the other and do it. One step, on day, or if that’s too much then one moment at a time. But whatever you do, keep going and don’t let momentary setbacks cause you to quit. It’s not how you start but that you finished. I don’t believe in new years resolutions because as I stated before they don’t last. If you want to lose weight in the new year, start in December so it’s habit in January. They say that it takes 6 weeks for you to see results from consistent working out. I don’t believe that. Your body adjusts to a vegetarian diet within a week and consistent working out within the same time frame as well. Your body is made to move, when you make it do what it does best it thrives and rewards you with the results of your labour.

The world can be so negative. I sat today and watched “come Dine with Me Canada” and one of the hostess’ was so negative. For every positive comment someone made she made a nasty one in her one on one interviews. She had such a bad attitude that by the end of the show it was seeping out of her pores. The one who was the most positive, won the challenge. He rolled with the little setbacks he had and managed to make a meal that was pleasant and was a good host. A positive attitude, can open doors and allow things to work out in your favour. But if your negative about your situation than you will miss the opportunities that come your way because you are focusing on the negative.

I want to learn Spanish and I give myself till April to get off the fence of beginner/intermediate and become full intermediate. I think 4 months is a good goal. What do you think? I started in late in December and I plan to continue till April 1st. I speak that I will be doing it and making my goal.

What do you need to speak positivity in your life about? Are you tired of things being the same old same old? Sometimes we have to get uncomfortable and change some things in order to be comfortable in the future. Set some goals with me and let’s achieve them together!

Talk to you all soon. Tell me what you think!