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I slept all day saturday. I think I needed it. All week I was looking forward to sleeping in. I woke up, looked outside and saw how very cold it is and went right back to bed. Well, sort of. I stayed up and watched tv. I decided when I got home Friday not to turn the pc on but I soon broke that promise and turned on youtube to do a quick cardio workout. It was fun. Back to Saturday. So after watching a bit of tv I did a quick cleaning then went under the covers and slept, and slept and did I mention sleep? I slept a lot and woke up to 2 missed calls and numerous emails.

After returning the calls I decided to go hang out with my brother and his friend. We watched hall pass and relaxed.

I’ve been thinking lately about dating. I think about it differently then I did a few months ago. I’m not saying I am ready to jump back in the saddle but I have been thinking about it. A few months ago I approached it from the standpoint that I needed to throw myself out there and find someone stat. Now I want to date but I want to go out and get involved in activities that are fun, new and exciting. I think, and I could be wrong, if I get involved in something I love and start enjoying my life I’ll meet the right one…when I’m not looking…

What do you think? Is this a part of journey to love? Is there a manual? Can I consult a roadmap to see where I am in relation to where I am going?

I find myself not really thinking about him anymore. He comes across my mind but he’s easier to let go and my heart doesn’t feel sad about him really anymore. I want to be free and I think that part of my journey is moving along well. I didn’t think it would take this long. Jan 6th was his birthday and we used to celebrate it together all the time but this year I celebrated with my mother and friends. I still have to go out and do a big party for all of us when we all have money (christmas and new years left a lot of people broke). I now have 2 other people to replace his birthday with which is cool. When do the memories fade along with the feelings? I am much better than before but I keep wondering.

Just some random ramblings from me about me.

Talk to you all later.