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On Jan 11th, while the weather was still nice out (that in itself worries me because January is not supposed to be nice) I figured it would be a good idea to venture out and get my glasses. They called and let me know they were ready for pick up. I was thrilled BUT I had to go to the dentist first. First I gotta say I HATE the dentist’s office. Hate it! And of all things it was for a cleaning. The suckered me in by saying it was a check up. I figured what more could they do but look in my mouth for a minute or two. WRONG! An hour later (I slept in the waiting room for 10 mins so I don’t think those count) I was done and on my way to the optician.

But as luck had it, I made it 12 minutes late and unfortunately they were closed. I was so disappointed. As I drove back I remembered the new show “Switched at Birth” and I asked my mom what would she do if a social worker, hospital rep, lawyer and a family came to the house and told her I was switched at birth would she give me up and she said no. That family would have to keep their daughter. I said well that girl would be your flesh and blood and she said it didn’t matter, she didn’t want to give me up. How horrible would that be to have a daughter for 31 years and find out she really isn’t yours, now meet your new daughter. The impact on both families would huge!

What about the guilt? Would you feel guilty getting to know this new family? Fearing that you might really click with the new family and feel guilty about relating to them? I don’t know. Thats hard.

Can you imagine?

Would you want to get to know your new family?

talk to you all soon.