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Hi everyone

My glasses are broken. It sucks because every time I look down they slide right off my face. You see, I tried to adjust the arms myself and snapped it right off. It sucks and its annoying all at the same time. But I continue because I didn’t have the time to trek down and across the city to get them fixed. So I ventured out yesterday with my mother and I sat opposite a display of glasses where a nice asian man examined my glasses and wondered aloud how I managed to break them that way. Seems in all his years I managed to surprise him quite a bit with my handy work.

Well he upsold me onto a new pair of glasses and promised to look into the replacement of the arm of the one I ‘adjusted’  so I can keep these as a back up pair. I am excited. For the first time in a long time I actually can have 2 pairs of stylish designer glasses that I can interchange. normally I have 1 stylish pair every 2 years. So this is going to be kinda cool.

Today was my “me” day. I did my hair, painted my nails, practiced learning a new language and watched tv. It felt good to relax. Life is about balance and that’s what I am seeking. Balance, and no worries. So far, 1 goal down 2 more upcoming.  And I promise to keep you all posted on them.

Till next time.