Hello everyone!!

Yesterday was my birthday and I gotta say it was AMAZING! I slept in til around 11 am then woke up and headed out with my mom. First to my uncle’s house where I ran some errands for him. I really don’t mind because he has been such an important part of my life. It was really cold today and he is unable to walk without a lot of difficulty so I didn’t mind walking across the street to do all the things he would have liked to.

After that my mom and I headed to the mall and I had a really good consultation at the MAC story with a really great MAC  consultant. She was sweet, gentle, kind and informative. I bought some great stuff and I think we are both on the same page when it comes to what make up looks great on my skin tone. A lot of MUA (make up artists) misunderstand what works with me so finding someone who totally got it made me feel great. After wards my mom and I browsed the COACH store (I love that store) then Michel Kors (my new love) and finally a few other stores including Victoria Secret – they have an AMAZING sale going on right now among other stores.

I was determined to have dinner at Milestones Restaurant but a water main break closed all the restaurants in the mall. I parked very far and walked in the wind chill to the parking parkade, fought with my phone to find other locations open and finally battled the traffic around the mall to pick my mom up. I decided to give the restaraunt one more try and guess what? They were open! God is good. I’m glad my phone gave me some issues to pull everything up so that I gave the restaurant another try. My waitress was amazing and the food was great!

To sum up my day and evening after the restaurant I’d have to say was amazing. Everything I wanted I was blessed to have. God is good and this was an amazing day!! My facebook wall is full of well wishes from friends and family and acquaintances. I’m typing this Jan 2nd with 51 minutes left in my day and I wish I had another 24 hours to do it all over again!! I had a great NYE with my family (a bit tipsy bit that makes it so fun), a quiet and relaxing day with my brothers house as the baby slept, my SIL folded laundry and talked to her mom and one of 3 cats, Bubble and  looking out the window at nothing as she purrs against my face. Not to mention my SIL made an awesome chocolate birthday cake for me!

This is going to be my year! It has started off so great already! A complete 180 from last January.

I hope you guys had a great day as well!!! Talk to you all soon!