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So I can’t stop thinking about S-E-X!!!


Whoever tries to make it seem like doing the right thing for yourself despite what your body says is easy needs a swift kick in the ‘you know where’…and very HARD too!

Often I sit and fantasize about sex with that idea partner. Some of my best fantasy’s are with someone cute I that I may know with a few modifications. Kinda like a base ken doll with a few key upgrades here and there  hehehe. In the fantasy ‘He’ is well endowed with a nice thick 8 inch penis; something perfect so that he can fill me up and satisfy me every time he penetrates with mind-blowing orgasms (am I being unrealistic?). And amazing tongue when he goes down. I picture him to be well sculpted and in good shape. He’s tall, tan with beautiful eyes, lips, and nice manly hands. He is just this perfect; a straight off the pages of GQ looking man. Hmmm, just sexy!

Since I have yet to meet this man in real life (I’m not saying I won’t), I have been seriously thinking about getting a toy. Everytime I go to make a purchase I pause because there is nothing like the feel of a man’s skin against yours, or feeling his weight on you or below you as your riding him. Those things can’t be imitated with a toy. I want to feel the force and pressure behind each stroke (move the bed with every thrust please!). Again, a toy can’t give that to you but in all fairness it can give you orgasms, and oodles of fun (insert sly grin here).

So here are my choices from Adamandeve.com. I like this site because it has discrete packaging and the prices are usually really good. Now I have a confession to make, I have never had a 8 inch penis IRL but I want one. I don’t want a 9 inch penis because I think that would be too big. I want something I can feel. Not something skinny and 5.5 inches. Check out my choices and tell me what you think.










Banger’s G-Spot $19.99 with 4/5 stars by users. Personally I like that it because it has a suction base so I can be hands free.










Evolved Seduction- the future in vibrators. It doesn’t really look like one which I like. $29.95









Ummm, this one looks intimidating. It, seems a bit more realistic and has good reviews. its $29.95.

I gotta admit, I am partial to the wall banger because I can suction it to a wall, chair or any non-porous smooth surface. I would prefer the wall but I like the idea of a chair or a floor for instance. The reviews on it are spectacular. What do you guys think? I figure I should get a toy that will help to keep me out of trouble should a tempting, hot man come my way. Sex clouds judgement plus its easier to sift through the refuse when sex is not clouding your mind if you know what I mean.

Talk to you all soon 🙂