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Hello everyone.

I played personal shopper for my SIL yesterday evening. My brother who has no clue how to shop wanted me to get her something trendy on his behalf and with his VISA of course. My SIL just had a baby 5 months ago (see picture of my adorable niece in earlier posts) and she still has quite a bit of baby weight left to lose. She carry’s most of her weight in her tummy and lower half so she is quite self-conscious of how she looks. My brother is, however, tired of seeing her in tights and other boring clothes so he wanted me to search for something trendy that she will look nice in and feel good in too.

Well, you can imagine how much of a challenge that is. I really like my SIL. She is a caring woman who has really been there for me along with my brother this year. But the challenge didn’t lie in finding her something as much as it was in finding something she will feel comfortable in that will fit. Toronto has some really good malls to shop in . Vaughan Mills (just outside of Toronto), Eaton Centre, Sherway Gardens, and Yorkdale. I personally love Yorkdale but thats me saying this being slim. When I searched around for my SIL who is 5’9 and larger than me it was very difficult. I ended up going to Addition Elle (not in the mall) just east of where I originally started. My friend N came along with me and along with the really nice Jamaican Lady in the store helped me pick out some great options for my SIL. Options that even my friend and I wanted to wear for ourselves (had the sizes been smaller).

Using my phone’s camera I sent pictures back and forth to my brother for his approval and he signed off on these two things:




I agreed. He liked these pants because they were form-fitting and the top because it had a bit of a sleeve to hide her arms which she is concerned about. After shopping for her I now have a new sympathy for women who are plus sized. I found a lot of amazing things for myself at Yorkdale but nothing that would be in her size which really sucks. The industry is really tough on women who don’t fit their standard as if bigger women don’t want to look good too. Its kinda like they are forcing them to lose weight to fit in or be relegated to a life in ugly shapeless clothing. I’m glad we found this store and I can’t wait to go there with her so we can pick out some more trendy and affordable clothes as she continues to lose the baby weight.

If your interested in seeing what this great store has to offer they have online shopping and a really great 50% off promotion on already reduced merchandise. They are a Canadian company (Go Canada!!) and they also ship to the US.


Talk to you all later!