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My exam is done! I’m happy because now I can focus on enjoying the rest of my December. Its interesting how everyone is so caught up with getting that perfect gift before christmas. I was watching the news last night as they talked about the latest hot ticket item in childrens toys; the Leap pad by Leap Frog. Its been sold out everywhere for weeks and as soon as it comes in it flys off the shelves.
I don’t have children but don’t kids like anything decent really? I mean does it have to be that serious? Maybe I am minimizing the seriousness of it all for the average parent because I don’t have a child I want to spoil with everything (even more then they need) but that might be just me. I plan to buy my niece something because she’s 5 months old but other then that I don’t see the need to go crazy chasing down that elusive gift.
I think that’s why I like Easter better than Christmas because its all about gifts at this time of year.

Talk to you all later