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Tonight I was supposed to be hitting balls with the Dominican guy at the batting range and having a cool -never done this before- type date. Ummmm, I’m home typing this out which should say a lot about that idea. A part of me wishes I could hit more than balls right now. Anyway, my “date” informed me that he will not have use of the car tonight because his brother will be using it  to go to a Christmas party. Ummm, what?  immediately the first word that came to my mind after he told me that was, “No!”.

I’m sorry but I cannot go pick him up then drive he and I to across the city to hit some balls (his idea) then drive him home and head home myself. This is supposed to be the second date. I can’t and won’t do it. Driving a man is one of my boundaries. The ex had a car that he let his dad and family take over (after his father totaled his sister’s car) and I ended up having to drive ALL THE TIME. I guess he spoiled it which is good for the future. Now that’s one of my boundaries; no car, then no access to mine. I’ll park it if I have to before I start saying yes to driving so early into getting to know someone. Neither am I dropping him off.  TTC runs till 2 am on most bus routes. 

If I knew earlier that this was going to be an issue, especially since I thought it was his car (does anyone know how to tactfully ask someone if they own their car exclusively?) I would have gone to my spanish classes that are happening right now instead of sitting here twiddling my thumbs watching bad tv (I need to get a Roger’s box). Note to self, always have a back up plan. Was dating always like this?

Should I write him off? AM I being too…presumptuous? One thing I do know is, I feel disappointed.

Talk to you all soon

To be continued….(hopefully with good news)