Hey everyone!

I’ve been busy lately studying for my finals. I’m taking a break tommarow after work to meet RJ (Mr. Dominican) at the batting cages to chat and hit some balls! LOL The thought of hitting balls excites me! But not for the reason you may think! Nope, I want to get some frustration out (not that kind). But since someone  out there reading this is probably giving me the side eyeso  I’ll induldge a bit.  I have a thing for knives. They fascinate me. For years I have wanted to buy a Kitana sword. I think there is nothing sexier then a feminine whoman who knows  how to weild a sword with deadly precision. I love it.Its dangerous, sexy and fun! It fits in nicely since I also like to throw things so a few ninja stars would be nice too. I’m starting to wonder a few things about myself. Being single has given me a chane to reconnect with what I like, what turns me on and what doesn’t. Knives turn me on, swords turn me on, biting turns me on and so does being blind folded. I love it. I love biting but not so much being biten. I plan to keep these tidbits of information to myself till I find someone I want to share them with, or do them to which ever comes first. 

Either way, I wont be debuting these “turn on’s” tommarow at the batting cages. But I did enjoy sharing them with you all. As allways I will share all the details with you when I get back.

Talk to you all later!