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SO I went on my second date of the weekend with Mr. Portugal. What a disappointment. He didn’t look like the buff, sculpted man in his pics. He looked like the skinny version of that man so obviously those pics were a bit “old”. Secondly he looked older than 34, more like 38 years old.

I noticed that he seems to get annoyed quite easily. We had a family who sat beside us and they were a bit loud amongst themselves. Not enough to make me move but enough to make me notice that they are a bit, dysfunctional. He immediately wanted to move away, even though no one else was turning around to look at them. I agreed and I noticed his face and how “done” he was with sitting near them. Next, his talked a bit and didn’t let me get a word  in. I felt like I was playing verbal double dutch waiting for my turn to cut in and respond. I wasn’t very fond of that for obvious reasons and I found our conversation went flat after about an hour. I started thinking about going home and relaxing instead of being in that coffee shop freezing.

Before the date even started he was debating where we should meet. We live in opposite parts of the city almost and he joked that we should meet at Mcdonalds. I don’t know you well enough for you to joke like that and it lends a bit to your immaturity in my opinion. I started wondering if he was 34 or 24. All in all a bad date and a bit of a waste of 90 minutes. Lessons learned on a few fronts. I want to meet someone whom I have a connection with and whom I have common values. I think I am going to wait a bit to get to know someone longer before I agree to meet for coffee. What do you think is an appropriate waiting time? I feel disappointed.

The dominican date has bumped his trip up to December 23rd coming back January 27th, 2012. A month. He called me in the morning saying he would call me later on but never did. One of my major pet peeves is a man who says he will do something that he doesn’t do, i.e calling. I’m not going to nag him, I just won’t be very available. It’s a shame, because I liked him. What would you do if you were me?