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Tonight was the company christmas party and I had a ton of fun!

However, before I headed out the door tragedy struck, I got baby oil on my silky skirt. I was devastated! It wouldn’t come off and looked super obvious. So before I dashed out the door now 15 minutes late, I made one last dash to the sink to mix some soap and water to rub it off. It didn’t work.

I headed out to the party anyway and when I got there, there was no parking. Damn! So I had to make my own parking across the street in the driveway of a business. I went with a date…my friend Jess. LOL It was great. After coat check, we take pics (she was covering the side with my baby oil stain) and we made our way into the party. We got alot of compliments as we mingled and worked the room. Dinner was good and our Server, a Russian woman was hilarious but not on purpose. Instead of saying excuse me she would impose over you and sort of push you out the way with her body. We laughed it off at her expense but I knew she wasn’t intentionally a bad person, she was just clueless as to the proper way serve.

We had a live band and they were AMAZING! They sounded almost identical to the artists the sang. Every one from Adele, to Outkast, Alicia Keyes to LMFAO they sounded just like them right down to the acoustics which was all live. Amazing! I was a little worried when I heard we were going to have a band but they proved to be every bit worth it. I hope we book them again next year. Over the course of the night Jess and I found out she had a stalker. He was a short red-headed guy with two bottles of Heineken in each hand who made his way over to us smiling asking her if she wanted to dance. She said no so her turned to me, and I said no, then he turns back to her and asks how drunk she has to be to dance with him, in which she replied, “Alot”. He continued to stalk her throughout the night cornering her every chance he got (including chasing her out into the cold) to ask if she is drunk yet. It was funny. At one point a co-worker of mine asked me to dance, so as we walked to the dancefloor, Jess’ stalker came around the table smiling at her, immediately Jess put her hand on my shoulder and yelled over the music, “go, go, go, he’s here, go!” as she pushed me to the dancefloor where she then hid in the crowd. Fun times.

I had a great time. I has alot of fun! I had way more fun this year then last. I was on the dancefloor all the time, I mingled with people, danced, and had a great time! YAY!!! Go Company christmas party’s.

Sunday evening I am supposed to be going on a date with someone. We shall see but for sure I will keep you posted!

I’m off to bed. Night!