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Hey everyone.

Older Men

So lately on match.com I’ve been getting a few men who are over 40 sending me notes. Some of the men are good-looking but they look their age. Some look good and younger but I can’t get past seeing 43,46,49 beside their name. Not cool. I’m 30 in 3 years he will be 46,49,52 and I’ll be 33. I know that works for some people but it doesn’t work for me.

Men with children

This always makes me wonder. I love children I really do but I feel uneasy about parenting someone else’s child whose mother is probably sitting at home waiting on pins and needles for her kid to call and tell her I yelled, or heaven forbid spanked her child so she could come over, cuss me out and kick my ass. I don’t know how another women would feel about her child being around another woman who is now married to her child’s father living the happily ever after that she, at one point thought she would have. What if our parenting styles are different? What if I am a time out type of mother and she is a spank you till it leaves a mark? What if the child hates me? I don’t want to live with that stress and I don’t want to resent someone else’s child. I know myself and I have an aversion to rude children. Cute as you are but if that kid is rude I automatically don’t want much to do with them. I think the jury is still out on this one


Automatically written off. Mr Europe was a smoker and even if I stood away from him when he smoked it was a major turn off

Does he want kids or is it a maybe?

Some men don’t know if they want children, some do. I prefer a man who does because I do. I don’t believe in changing a man’s mind because children are a big deal and a life long commitment. If you are not a child person, and your gf or wife tricks you into having a child, can a woman be angry if he is distant from his child or is close to his child and resents the wife for tricking him. I want someone who is clear on that. What if I fall in love and he is still not sure? Can I live with never having children? No. I want someone who is sure of what they want.

So far these are the types of men I’ve observed on match.com.

What are your thoughts and experiences with these categories?