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I’m meeting the Dominican guy I met Sunday night for coffee at a desert cafe tonight for 8pm. A part of me is intrigued but another part is kinda blah about it. I told my brother just so I can be on the safe side and he told me its good to go for coffee and get to know him. I agree. I figured it was a good idea to tell someone where I was going. I plan to be home by 9:30 because I have work tomorrow (its cold outside) and I don’t want to stay out late.

Now I’m wondering what to wear? Ankle boots or knee high furry boots? Blue sweater or pink sweater or purple sweater? . Comb my hair or pull a brush over it and let it be wild (my pin curls turned into poofy waves-kinda bohemian right now and I like it)??  What to do?? I guess I”ll figure it out.  I have an hour before I leave.

Anyhow, talk to you guys later and I will have all the details for you soon enough 🙂

Ciao !