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Hi everyone!

Is it your time or mine?

So I went on my date with Mr. Dominican. I got to the cafe 15 mins early and since I was so early I crossed the street and browsed around in the sex store to check out their vibrators and dongs. I saw a few I like. Cheeky, I know. Anyhow, after checking my watch I made my way to the cafe. First of all, he is tall…taller then me which is great (because I’m 5’8.5)! He’s about 6’0 to 6’1 and ladies, he is super FINE! Like hot and smelt great! I kept looking at him like, “Wow………”.

When I was able to concentrate on the words coming out of his sexy mouth (lips were sexy and he licked them when he talked – I think subconsciously – yea I was studying them) we managed to have good conversation though we are both shy. He loves his country and we talked a great deal about the vacation he is taking back home this January for a month (boooo!). We talked about siblings, his love for family and respect for his mom and it eventually got around to exes.

His back story…

He was in a 5 year relationship with a girl he proposed to but they both realized getting married would be a big mistake because they were very different. That was 2 years ago. He says he is ready to move on now and he is only interested in dating someone who he can build a future with. I gave him a coles/coles/coles notes version of my story.  Its interesting, when I met him I didn’t plan on walking that way to my car and he didn’t plan on going that way to drink some water before going into the gym to play basketball. Funny how we met up when we never planned to go the routes we went Sunday. Oh I forgot to mention we shared a fruit Belgian waffle.

All in all it was a good date. One of my boundaries is whomever I am dating, or interested in dating must have a car. I don’t want to be the designated driver/taxi driver. He met my criteria; he has a nice Black RAV 4. As long as the person has a mode of transportation then I am good.

A kiss goodbye, and a promise to do it again?

When we left he hugged me a lot in the parking lot and told me how much he enjoyed the date and that he would like to see me again. He pulled away from me and for a moment I pondered if he would try to kiss me but he didn’t. Instead he kissed me on the cheek. Nice! Check mark for you! We pulled out together and he pulled up beside me, turned up some Bachata (slow Spanish) Music and serenaded me til traffic started to move again. It was sweet. He messaged me and told me how much fun he had and he’d like to go out with me again once my exams are over.

I’m sexy and I know it?

Did I mention how hot he is? He has such nice hands and I love when a man has nice hands. His are tanned hands with neatly kept fingernails. Wow….tall, good-looking, smells great, knows how to use a knife and fork properly (sad that this basic skill still impresses me when a grown man has it in 2011) and a sexy spanish accent. *Feins fainting*  Definite eye candy for the night. Ok Off I got to bed.

Night everyone!