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Hi everyone.

I find chest hair on men very unattractive. I’m not sure why but I think it’s gross. A sexy chest is a man who is hairless. I thought about this today for a bit and I came to the conclusion that I I’m not a fan of hairy men. I think a well-groomed man includes clean clothes, a good hair cut, a bare chest and a well landscaped crotch. I think that if men want us to be trimmed or bare they too should do the same for us. Visually a shaved crotch looks more appealing and for the fella’s it makes their stuff look bigger and longer. Just as  many men want a bare vagina when he is going down and in some cases demands it, the same courtesy should be extended to us when he desires a little head. Besides, who wants to pull hairs out of their mouth or try to hack it up out of their throat? It’s a mood killer stopping to pick it all out.

Also, a man who doesn’t landscape, the hair can actually irritate and cause friction on the inner thigh and vaginal mounds. Those are just my thoughts. I fancy no hair or a well-trimmed area. Check out this diagram and tell me which one catches your fancy.






Tell me what you think.

Talk to you all later 🙂