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So I signed up for match.com a few months back but became a paid member about 2 months ago. I paid my membership, relaized I needed to focus on me more and school and lesson dating (wish I had realized that a day and $22.99 CAN earlier) and I totally put it out of my mind. Soon I got amessage from soeone outside of my age range which I spoke about. He disappeared so I deleted him off my bbm and haven’t heard from him since. I didn’t feel right about him so I’m glad I listened to my gut. I got a lot of attention from men during that month, some quite good looking and some not so much.

SOon after, about a day or two I discovered I had a stalker. He emailed me everyday all day asking me to repsond to his email and give him a chance. I had no idea who he was and why he had such a high sense of entitlement to me so I blocked his profile. It didn’t take long for another stalker to take his place and he too suffered the same fate. Just Crazy! I did speak to a good looking guy who preferred to play it safe so our phone conversations fizzled out quickly. I don’t want to feel like I am leading the convo by the hand which shown me he is either a) not ready to date or b) overly cautious.

I have initiated contact with a few very good looking men with few responses. At first I wondered if it was me and re-examined my picture and profile but after thinking about it some more I realized that if I am finding them attractive chances are so are half a thousand other women so he might have his inbox full if not have already found someone he wants to focus his energy on. No harm no foul. But I was contacted by a handsome 38 year old, about 3 years over my age limit (I want to grow with this person) but he was good looking and witty so I decided to have an open mind. That is, till he revealed that he is not yet divorced. I read it over appetizers with a friend Friday night and chuckled to myself before putting my phone away to ponder what I just read. To his credit I give him points for full disclosure and honesty but his honesty is not enough for me to overlook the obvious…he’s STILL married! I can’t do married, I don’t care how good looking you are. LOL

I have a feeling, as my membership continues I will be running into more then a few interesting men on these sites. What are your experiences with online dating? What was it like and did you meet somone worth keeping?

Talk to you later.