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So far this has turned into a “me” weekend! I woke up today feeling happy that it’s Sunday. This is the consecutive Sunday that I have felt this way and I am grateful. After church I went to meet my project group on campus and it was really cool putting a face to the names I see. Turns out my team is made up of a BA, a Project Manager and a Program Director who as it turns out has been an amazing resource for us. I need to download Office 2007 on my pc but I am looking at a price tag of $200. Turns out, one of the perks of being a student means I get this software for free among other expensive software packages for free! Not only was that wish granted but I have access to a director who will come in very handy come enrollment time. Awesome!

Going back to “after church”. I was rushing down the stairs to cut through the lobby when I stumbled on a good-looking tall Dominican Man named RJ. I said hi and he said hi. I asked if he was apart of the Dominican Basketball team and he said yes (he was in b-ball shorts, carrying a gym bag not to mention he’s Dominican – brainer there). He asked if I had attended the service and I said yes. He was on his way into the gym. He told me he wanted to start attending services again. I don’t remember much since his accent was kinda sexy. Anyway, he gave me his number and I walked briskly with a big smile on my face to the parking lot.

I called him and we spoke for a good 20 minutes about his country, being in Canada for 8 years and other miscellaneous stuff. He asked me out on a date so we are going to the movies this Thursday. I’m interested to see where this goes. I am not however picturing him in a suit at the end of the aisle as the organist plays here comes the bride! I’m cautious but optimistic. One thing is for sure, I will definitely keep you all posted.

Talk to you all soon.