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Lately I have been thinking a lot about sex! It’s been almost a year since I have had sex with anyone and I think my brain has suddenly realized it, or maybe I have and its now yelling it at me every chance it gets. Now, I find my eyes lingering to a men’s packages and  worse judging them not on the content of their character but the size of their package…

“hmmm, his package is small! He’s not credible at all!. Just smile and knod and hopefully he will go away soon…”

It’s so bad. I know I shouldn’t judge a man’s knowledge and credibility by the size of their package but I find myself doing it anyway. I scan his face for attractiveness then down to his package and then use that info along with how good he smells or how well he’s dressed to determine if I will listen to him or sift through whats relevant then tune him out and mentally dismiss him.

Am I normal? Do other women do this? Judge men on the size of their package to determine their masculinity and how credible they are? Or am I just crazy?


Let me know what you think? Have you done this before? I mean men for ages have decided our intelligence by the size of our bust so is it fair that we decide their credibility, confidence and relevancy by the size of their package? I mean how many times have seen a man jump out of a Porsche only to see that he’s short with small legs and an awkward hairline? LOL Tell me your thoughts or at least tell me if I am alone and crazy or normal not alone. 🙂

Talk to you all soon 😉