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Hello eveyonne,

4 days ago my phone began to go off. I sat at my desk wondering who the heck is messaging me back to back like that. In any case, I decided that I was too busy to  check so I finished up my task before checking my phone only to reveal that it was my ex messaging me. My heart didn’t leap, nor did I get anxious butterflies like I have in the past (few months) when he did the same. I looked at his number (his name is not saved in my phone anymore), groaned and returned my phone face down again  out of sight and started a new task. About 10 mins later I remembered he messaged and decided to read the text. Turns out he wanted me to help him with figuring out a job descrip that I had briefly done at the investment company I met him at (he was fired last friday from my last company).

His successive messages was to inform me that he is aware that we had agreed not to message each other anymore (actually, I told him not to message me again because I want to move on with my life) but he has no one else to turn to for this information, Feel free to insert eye roll here.

So after some debate I decided to give him the information. He asked me the obligatory fluff, how are you and how is work to which I told him it’s good. I wasn’t rude, nor did I give him an attitude. I was neutral and I don’t want to feel anything towards him. I know some people would think I should have told him to go fly a kite and I understand that. But I figured that would show him that I am still angry (and have an emotional attachment) enough to hold a grudge against him which I am not. He is not the centre of my world which is why I hesitated to post this update.

I don’t want my blog to be focused on him anymore but this new time in my life of self discovery and finding new love. I think that’s a more constructive and positive focus and of course all the new dating experiences I come across.

BTW, Happy Thanksgiving to all my American Friends

Talk to you all soon.