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Hey ladies!!
Last night I had my emancipation night out with the girls! Well girl. 2 of my friends couldn’t make it due to money reasons, the other received bad news about her mother who has cancer; she has made a turn for the worst, finally my other friend had to work till late. “N” made it out and we hung out, had dinner then walked around the mall and had more than a few good laughs!

As I walked through the mall, I realized something, I barely remembered or cared about what my outing was about. I thought I’d be emotional but I wasn’t. It was more indifference then anything else. I feel stronger, I like myself a lot, I’m confident and I am comfortable in my own skin. Much more than I can say that I was last year this time when I felt insecure, shy, anxious and unsure! I’m going to say something I didn’t think I would but…I’m glad he cheated and left! I’m way better off without him. I knew last night was going to be a turning point for me!!

Ciao everyone!