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Hello everyone!

I went to the banquet last night and really had a good time. I got there about 30 minutes late because of tons of construction on the highway (I had to take 2 to get across the city). When I got there, the cocktail hour wasn’t done yet so I found the people I knew and we chatted away and drank cosmopolitan. It was an open bar. I just wish I didn’t have to drive so I could drink more. Anyway, I surveyed the hall and it was small but I spotted one tall good-looking man floating around. I wasn’t sure if he was there with anyone but after  5 minutes of surveillance I saw that he was indeed there with someone, a petite blonde. Ah well, cheers right? So dinner is about to be underway and we take out seats. I was invited by the wife (a co-worker) of one of the director’s of the club. At the table is another woman and her husband from work and 2 other single women in their 40’s. I was the youngest at the table at 30.

I can’t say dinner was good because I am lactose intolerant and I was not able to eat some of the things presented in front of me including the desert. One of the dishes contained cheese which I didn’t know and found out after biting into it. The dinner conversation became quite enlightening as one of the women there I’ll call her B has very strong views on politics, and the direction that Canadian Society is heading. I took exception, personally to her analysis of what groups came to build this country in its formative years and her strong views on Muslims and the Chinese which was interesting because her friend was a petite Chinese woman sitting beside her. B thinks that the Muslims are destructive, selfish and out to ruin our society. She also thinks our government is not doing enough to ensure that they don’t do it. I am not Muslim nor am I Chinese but wow! I sat and wondered how many Canadians shared her views but were too “polite” to say it. I say “polite” because as a society we are not polite but we are strategically (always cogniscient of what is in our best interest to voice out loud) politically correct.

Dinner was over and it was time for the DJ to open the floor up. The women poured out and I gotta tell you, they danced it up to all the top 40 songs with enthusiasm and taught me how to dance to the popular hits from the 60’s and 70’s. I had fun. But I noticed the men stayed by the bar and I pondered what to do. Should I go over and strike up a convo cold turkey? I felt intimidated because outside of the 2 women from work and B I didn’t know anyone else there.

I just couldn’t work up the nerve to do it. During Dinner, I leaned over to the director at our table (the husband of my co-worker) and asked him who the eligible single men were in the room. He pointed out a guy at the table behind us in a light jacket and faux hawk hair cut. His outfit didn’t yell “money” but if you looked at each individual piece you could tell it didn’t come from Target or Marshalls either. The good thing about him was he was around my age. I didn’t see him again till the end of the night as he engaged in a convo with another business man at the bar. I wondered what I could go up to him and say. I am not one to approach men so I have no idea how to break the ice or even if I should be doing that? What would you guys have done?

All in all the night was good. I won a t-shirt and sticker to take home. I plan to sleep in it! My fav part of the night was dancing to LMFAO’ s “Sexy and I know it” and doing the wiggle, wiggle with the ladies. Too funny!! With all that laughing nd high heels if we had drank any more cosmo’s we would have been on the floor!

Talk to you all later 🙂