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Hello everyone.

I was super excited about coming home for 2 reasons. One, its Friday and I get to sleep in tomorrow and second, I got to run on down to Walmart and buy the WOW Butter I’ve been hearing about. So I stay after work chatting away with a co-worker , grab my car and get on down the road. I got to Walmart and not only grabbed the WOW Butter but I also ended up in the electronics section and picked up Drake’s new CD “Take Care”. Now you might be wondering what WOWBUtter is well, I’m glad to share that info with you.

First I have to say I was around 6 years old when my parents and I found out the hard way that I am allergic to peanuts.  Fast forward 24 years and I was watching BT a few days ago and Dina Pugliese mentioned WOW Butter, a peanut butter substitute for those of us allergic to the small but deadly little treat. She said it tasted really good, even better than regular peanut butter. I was floored. I had never heard about a substitute peanut butter before in my LIFE so I jumped on the net that evening, found the site, read the testimonials and decided I had to try it. So you can imagine how excited I was when I read that it’s available at Walmat! Yes!!! So I picked it up, with a loaf of bread and Drake’s CD. I’ve mentioned before that I have a business tie to Drake which I can’t discuss so I was super excited to listen to his CD. Ladies, and gents, it’s really good. A lot of explicit lyrics and mature content but a good listen non-the-less. What I like about Drake is he keeps it real. A lot of the things he talks about is genuine and I like that a lot. Its emo but he puts it all on the table with no apologies and that takes a level of confidence and brass balls that a lot of rappers these days don’t have which is why Drake stands above the rest. I also love how he talks about Toronto every chance he gets. Toronto Loves Drake but that’s because Drake Loved Toronto first.

My friend “I”, who got married in September is a Drake fan so after I got 3/4 of the way through the CD, I jumped on BBM to talked to him about it. Then he dropped a surprising piece of info. The ex, who works for the same company as “I” (my former employer) was fired today. I was shocked but soon I found out why, poor performance. Shocking indeed to both “I” and myself. The ex used to brag how great he was at his job and how many files he closed and bonus’ he collected. The bragging occurred more so in the 2 months prior to the break up but really ramped up towards the end. Anyway, no need to get into dredging that up again. You can read my earlier posts on that if you’d like. I was told he took it well, but I know one thing is he is not ok with it at all. He contributes a lot financially to his parents household (where he still lives) so I know he is more than bothered. There goes his extravagant lifestyle he began to lead and flaunt proudly (as he told me to eff off and to everyone else who asked why he was so fancy all of a sudden). I don’t want this to be the focus of my post. I wanted to share it because it was shocking but what I felt really good about was the fact that I didn’t feel happy about his misfortune, and I didn’t feel sad. I felt a “oh, that’s interesting” then my mind lingered to the WB I just ate and how good it tasted. Next my mind went back to the Drake CD I wasn’t done listening to.

I think it’s official, I’m a full on Drake fan at this point and I love my WB!

tomorrow I have a banquet to go to which I am not sooo excited about but whatever. Its open bar, and in an Italian area. I get to dress formally and put on my bossy “sex me up after I tie you down” heels, make my hair pretty and mingle with the rich. That puts on a smile on my face, more so for the dressing up and shoes part and of course the rich men then anything else. LOL. I plan to network too. All work without play is not good you know! *wink* Not only that but I get to SLEEP IN!!!! Whoooo Hoooooo!

Tell me what you think! Talk to you all later 🙂