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Times are hard or so they say. Jobs are scarce and it has become an employer’s market. I am not very happy in my role and I am constantly trying to figure out how I can be an asset to my company in hopes that if a position shows up I am positioned correctly to take advantage of it. It’s a battle. I ask but I don’t receive, I volunteer but get brushed off. Today as I sat in a meeting discussing my career path goals it became clear to me that I had some decisions to make. Money is a definite factor, and in these times where inflation is up and the cost of living is so high you can’t help but make it a factor. I think I have trimmed every bit of fat I could from my budget and diet. I don’t know what else I can trim.  So when you’ve trimmed the fat and brainstormed ideas, what else can you do?

How far and where do you go when you are chasing money? Should you chase the money or should the money chase you and if so how can you make money chase you?