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Dating is hard. I don’t like it. I don’t like the pursuit to find the right one. I wonder if I am doing it right. I wonder if it’s supposed to feel this…hopeless. I know dating is a discovery phase and you are learning about people as you go. So why do I meet people who seem great on paper but are nothing more than that. What’s with the games? It’s like you find a guy who you are not attracted to but seems good on paper so you give it a chance. Only to find out, he is not so good. So not only did you give a ugly guy a chance to get to know him but you find out he is nothing that you thought he was. Yet, the good looking men shy away. I don’t understand. Though I am doing whats best for me, I am not closed to dating. If someone comes along who seems nice I will be open minded but maybe thats the problem? Maybe, I should be more discerning with who I am open minded to? Niceness is not an indication of compatibility. Maybe I should stop being a charity case to strays and men who I am not physically attracted to yet I listen to people who give the cliche’ “what if he is a great guy inside, looks aren’t everything”. I agree they are not everything but they are certainly something.

I want a guy who I am attracted to. Who is around my age with the same interests and a desire to have a serious relationship that leads to marriage. Who wants kids, is financially well (off is good too) and is a good person. I want a family and I want marriage. I look around and I see everyone else with it and I wonder what that is like. What will my kids look like etc. I feel that pull for a family and children. I really want that so bad. I thought I found that in someone else yet now I have to find that in someone else and its hard. I guess I’m feeling a bit discouraged.

Has anyone else felt like this?