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Today I went to visit a family friend in a detention centre. She is there because her immigration process hasn’t gone through and they are threatening to send her back to her native country. She is such a nice and positive person that its heartbreaking to see her in this place. A lot of prayers are going up for her that her new lawyer can get her a stay in the country so her papers can be processed and she can get her landed status and stay in the country.

The detention centre is on the way to where my ex lives. It was like I was on the way to his house all over again. Its been almost a year since I last drove this way and a lot of memories came back to me. I didn’t want to remember any of them but they came none the less. One of the things I felt was absence. I missed him. But this time I didn’t feel bad about it. I felt it and told myself its ok to. I miss him. I miss what he was and I miss the security I thought I had. But I have faith that God has better for me and I trust him.

I trust God for what lies ahead for me. In Mathew it says do not worry but as and it will be given unto you. So this morning I prayed and asked God for what I want. I believe that I’m going to get it.

Till next time.