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I had a plan today that I would jet out of work as soon as the long hand reached the 12. An hour before hand I began the count down and spread out my work so I could do just that. Well, the long hand reached all the way to the 15 and I was still at work. For some reason it was just us girls so it didn’t feel so rushed. As we stood around talking the OM noticed a white bird land in front of our glass door. We walked over to see and sure enough this very pretty white bird was limping and pulling her head into her feathers and puffing out her chest.

 Poor birdie was hurt. At first we thought it was her leg but quickly realized it was her wing. Bird aren’t really meant to walk so try as she did she stumbled and fell a few times before coming to stand still in the middle of the drive way.Cars drive very quickly through there so we tried ushering her along, we gently nudged her but she wouldn’t budge. She was scared but still determined to get across the driveway to the grassy area. Since she didn’t want to move (probably because she was scared) we decided to play crossing guard and warn drivers by standing in front of her and directing them around. A really nice lady came by and together we picked up the bird (in a paper towel because we don’t know how clean she is) and set her in the grassy area. When I left 10 minutes later she was still there. I hope she is ok.

Today, I helped save a bird. Feels good. I love nature and I don’t like seeing any living thing hurt so I was glad to help her out.

Talk to you all soon 🙂