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Hello everyone.

I have been studying a lot for my midterm. Last night I decided to go to a meetup with a friend for a girls night out. The meet up was a bust! It had a lot of people but it was a celebration for the founder who just became a Canadian Citizen. The whole thing was Canadian themed. Red and white balloons everywhere, poutine (my friend tasted it and told me it was horrible), sliders, fruit platter among other little things. I’m surprised there wasn’t maple syrup anda beaver for good measure. In any case the place was lame and we decided to leave.

I’m not a fan of club hopping but that place was super lame plus it was really early and we weren’t dressed up for a club as we were wearing jeans, tanks and heels so we ventured down to king street. We walked for a few blocks and I gotta tell you my heeled boots were not made for walking…at all! By the time we got to the club my feet hurt so bad that it was unbearable to stand up. Then on top of it, we had to wait outside in the cold for 40 minutes to get into a bar. I was through. My vibe for a night out was gone. On the way we met up with some friends of my friend and as they all stood there and spoke in a dialect of spanish that was too fast for me to understand, I wondered if I could make my way back down the street and to my car.

We finally got in but I was done. I stayed a total of 5 minutes, caught a cab and took a short subway ride back to my car and then made my way home. What a bust! I had more fun dancing in the mirror to z103.5 then I did at the meetup, waiting in line 40 minutes and then only to get inside and decide that home is a better option.

Oh well, at least I got an extra hour of sleep.

Hope you guys had a better Saturday night then I did. Talk to you all later.