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Hello dolls.

What if you met a really good guy. You had a lot in common and your conversation flowed flawlessly. There is only 1 small problem; he has a cat whose been his feline buddy for years and your allergic to cats. Can you continue getting to know him knowing that he loves cats and your allergic?

I began wondering this as I started getting a lot of emails from men on who looked good on their profile but had cats as a pet. I’m allergic to cats. It sucks because my brother has an adorable cat that I want to kidnap every time I see her but I can’t stay in the room with her for more than 5 minutes without having taken a Claritan Extra Strength first. I don’t want to drug myself up, but I do want to see my niece, and hang out with the fam so I do what I gotta do. But can I do that for a guy I like who happens to have a pet cat?

Will he get rid of the cat for me? Can I assume that my feminine charms are strong enough for him to give kitty away in order to live happily ever after with me? If the tables were turned and I had a cat (like my brothers cat) that I absolutely loved (like my brother’s cat that I want to kidnap) but my guy was allergic, would I get rid of the cat for him? I don’t know. How great is he at cooking, cleaning, being my ideal boyfriend and an awesome lover in bed? Can some good dick make me give my precious kitty away (pun intended almost)? I don’t know. I’m allergic so I guess I can only speculate. However, I do have to ask can that hot guy who could possibly, after getting to know him be that great ideal guy for me, give his cat away for me? Who knows, but I wanted to throw it out there as I rifle through the emailed profiles and look at these hot guys who list cats as their pets.

Talk to you all soon.