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I made a post a few weeks back about realizing I haven’t really dealt with my mother’s breast cancer and its true. Tonight as I sat studying my mind wandered and I remembered how hard December to February was (she underwent surgery to remove the cancer Feb 2011) emotionally. I started remembering how stressful it was, how alone I felt and abandoned and how I struggled everyday to hold it together. I saw myself crying in the bathroom so my mother wouldn’t see me, then patting my face dry with toilet paper and my make up sponge so she didn’t see the tears staining my cheeks. I also remembered the dirty look the lady gave me when she walked into the bathroom and saw me doing it. She looked at me like I was some vain girl in the mirror. If only she knew. I remembered a few things and the tears flowed down my face. It felt good to cry. God understands the language of tears and as much as I hate crying it’s necessary and needs to be done.

Till next time everyone.