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Hello everyone!

I hope everyone’s Halloween weekend was good. Mine was good. I didn’t dress up and go out anywhere. I wanted to go out but I opted to stay home instead. Anyhow, I wanted to share with you the craziness of my dating life, even though I was under the distinct impression I was not dating but focusing on myself.

Friday night I sat in my room and a call came through blocked. I wondered who this might be. So with curiosity getting the better of me I answered and it was the spanish guy who thought I was Dominican. I didn’t recognize his voice until he told me who he was so. I asked why he was calling me now. He said he had tried but I was busy before (lie) so he figured he should call me. He also told me he was meaning to call me hours earlier but got caught up in playing his video game. Very redeeming thing to say to me.

The conversation winds down to me telling him I thought he was busy with someone else or something which is why I haven’t heard from him in almost 2 months. He tells me “No” and cites the addage of why it’s dangerous to make assumptions. I ask him if he is accusing me of being an ass to which he back peddles and tells me no of course not. I tell him I’m not going to argue with him about his disappearance and reappearance and why it looks a bit suspect. He continues to get defensive and I end the conversation.

I don’t get it. Why call a girl, make up a BS excuse as to why you were MIA, lie then accuse her of assuming things and therefore being an ass. Last I checked, I don’t know you and all I have to go on is your actions. Idiot! I almost forgot the best part. Inevitably he asks me what kinds of guys I date and if I’ve dated black guys. I tell him I have and he asks me if the rumour of black men having big dicks is true, I ask him why he would ask me that when he doesn’t really know me and this is our first real conversation. He tells me that we are adults and should be able to talk about it. I hang up.

What a waste of time. The nerve of this jack ass. Next!