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I’m feeling a bit … Weird and I don’t know why. I have a lot of questions about things that I don’t have answers to. Don’t you just hate that? Questions with no answers desires amidst the fog! All I have is my faith and belief that things will get better despite what they look like now. One day I will look back and think “wow that was hard but I’m so glad that I am in a much better place now”. I believe I will be.
As I got ready this morning I listened to BET’s morning gospel. The preacher talked about praising and believing God when things look bad. I raised my arms to the ceiling and did just that. He convinced me. Today is the 1st day of the week that my started out good. Now I feel weird. Looks like I need a refill of praise. So as I type this from my car on lunch I am beginning to feel better. I take comfort knowing that someone higher than me has the answers and is taking care of it for me. He’s got my back.
Talk to you all later