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What if you met and began dating a really hot guy. Everything is going great and after a awesome head board breaking night the next morning you find out that he has some feminine shower habits. Would that be a deal breaker? Would you still date him or would it be a turn off?

Like for example,  let’s say he shaved his legs, had a aresenal of skin care products, was meticulous about how he looked and had a preference for certain clothing and shoe brands. Is it the new metrosexual if a man likes to do guy things but has a skincare routine and  uses it to keep himself looking good at all times? Can fresh to death include moisturizer?

If not, would you think he was gay? Would it bother your that he was very concious about his looks and how he presented himself? Can a guy be a guy and display masculine traits but also have some feminine habits? Personally I like a man who cares about how he looks. But is shaving his legs and waxing his chest because he doesn’t like body hair going to far?

Tell me what you think! Hope to hear from you 🙂