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I am addicted to twitter. I am a late bloomer on this twitter thing but now that I am on, O-M-G!! I’m so hooked. I follow TTC, the Police (yes everyone T.O cops are on twitter), the news stations, celebs, friends, dating gurus, youtube guru’s, motvational speakers, actors and Spiritual leaders. I follow so many people who I am never bored on lunch. I say this because earlier today I saw a tweet (I was bored at work) from 680 News that Maple Leaf foods was laying off about 1500 employee’s and closing 4 facilities.

First I have to say that this company is a part of my dream list of companies to work for given my degree. I applied to a few of their head office positions, which I was qualified for but was not called for an interview. I used to be confused and I felt disappointed because they are on my dream company list and I met their qualifications. So when I watched today’s news at 6 showing the plants being closed and the workers walking out  I felt 2 things; sad for the people being laid off because it’s such a hard news to face and grateful that my disappointment was God’s way of sparing me from a greater disappointment down the line.

I pray for those people because being laid off in this economy is not a good thing at all.

My mom used to always say, “every disappointment is for a good”

Looks like my mom was right. interesting side note. I also applied to RIM last september and got all the way to the 3rd interview. It was down to me and another gentleman. The recruiter was pushing for me to be hired but in the end the hiring manager chose the other candidate because he had more years of experience. I just couldn’t compete with that unless I had started working in that position at the age of 14. RIM laid off a few hundred people a few months later. Not only that but the position became contract because the hiring manager really wanted to hire me but from a strategic standpoint I didn’t have as much experience so he chose experience over my results (I’m sure this candidate had results too but he had more due to experience – I’m not knocking him). Again, that disappointment was seemingly for my own good.

Till next time.