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Sometimes I feel like a cat on a tight rope. Precariously walking a balance beam of happy and annoyed. Some days I am like this cat, so comfortable with the width of my beam that I can do a backflip and still keep stead on my beam. Other days, I am watching the beam as I put one foot in front of the other. Lately, I have been annoyed! My office co-worker just really pisses me off. I have come to terms with the fact that I don’t like this person at all. I think this person is an avoider, and a liar. I have no trust and confidence in this person’s ability to tell the truth when they are confronted with evidence that they have not done something they were asked to do. 2 days ago, my boss confronted this person right in front of me. Like I said, lately I have been very annoyed and it’s about a few things. So after I came back from lunch and noticed that the process again is not working but is rather very inefficient I felt like I needed to say something for the umpteenth time in hopes that maybe someone will listen and realize that the current system and its expectations are not realistic but rather hap hazard and unreliable. As before I was met with resistance because this system is working out very well for everyone else but I stood my ground. My boss over heard and took note and I kept maintaining the same point that there has to be another way.

Fast forward 15 minutes and my boss walks over to me and this person that I can’t stand as I asked him a few questions. For a moment I wondered why my boss looked at me with bewilderment but soon I understood why. He then called this person out on their careless actions that are now causing me unnecessary stress. This person instantly became defensive and angry and denied everything even though my boss looked him right in the face and told him what he said and what happened; yet he still denied it. I was floored for 2 reasons; 1 my boss was actually defending me when before he was seemingly on this person’s side, and 2 this person was still denying the events that took place even as my boss told him what happened (which is what happened) and reminded him of conversations that took place. My boss walked away laughing but not before he let this person know that he has to cut it out and respect me. God is good!

This person has been doing this for the past few months and I have reached my limit with him. The last straw was a few short weeks back where I got so angry that I confronted him on his behaviour and he denied it and acted like I was being hard on him. My boss set him straight on it, and reminded him of the rules HE put in place. I still don’t like this person but I don’t want to go to work and be stressed. I find that when this person is out of office I feel better. But again, I have to figure out a way to not let this person affect me and to just see them as another person and that’s it.

One of the things I really like about this blog is that I get to talk to you guys. I’ve said this before that I am a fiercely private person but there is something nice about being able to talk to you guys from my blog. It help’s me feel better.

Till next time everyone.