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After talking with a few girlfriends and checking out what the blogosphere has to say there seems to be a phenomenon sweeping the dating world. Men seem to be asking women on dates via text message. As I listened and read different accounts of the same scenario I reflected on my own experience with this and remembered D43.

Our first date was negotiated via text message. I look back and that was the first mistake with him. Soon his main form of negotiation with me was on text. I got fed up and didn’t answer one of his texts and that’s when he finally picked up the phone and dialed my number. My ex, used bbm and text message as his main form of communication. I would tell him how much I didn’t like it and he would stop for a day or so then go right back to his regular routine. I hated it so much and l had good reason. Text messaging is a convenient way of talking to multiple people at the same time. You can keep a history of everything discussed and keep your stories and schedule’s straight. A friend of mine told me one day that Blackberry Messenger has revolutionized the pimp game for life because you can add and delete people at will and there is no way they can re connect once you do. It’s true.

A man asking you out on text is not a show of interest and it’s not respectful. When a man is really interested he will want to hear your voice and talk to you to set up your date not coordinate it over text message. Texting is very impersonal especially in the first stages of dating. If he’s too busy to call or if he is tied up right now then he should wait till he is free so he can speak to you one on one on the phone. Don’t let a man tell you it’s the sign of the times to date via text. It’s not. He’s selling you a line and you deserve better than that.

Talk to you all later!