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Do you ever feel sometimes that you need a media detox?

There is so much things on television that is not the healthiest thing to watch. Reality television shows such as The Real Housewives series, Mob Wives, drama tv with cop shows such as Criminal Minds (which I find a bit disturbing with how twisted some of their plotlines can be), or reality documentary shows like Intervention, ” I didn’t know I was pregnant”, Paranormal Witness, Repo Wars, “How I cheated death” and lets not forget the news or what I like to call, “the Bad News” since every news channel seems to be reporting the worst things that could have happened that day. It can all be overwhelming, create anxiety, distrust, helplessness, and hopelessness not to mention paranoia!

Sometimes the negativity and drama that each of these shows document can get to be too much. So fi you are thinking of detoxing from the negativity and drama here are 5 tips to help you do so.

1. find a hobby

Finding something to stimulate your mind besides sitting and watching tv is a great way to detox and get away from the tube. If you like chess, crafting, or quilting anything that peaks your interest inquire about local groups in your area or go on meetup.com to find groups that share your interest.

2. Read a book

Now I know a lot of people don’t like reading books but I guarantee if you find something that peaks your interest you won’t mind reading about it. I am a book-worm so I don’t mind getting lost in a good book.

3. Catch up with friends over coffee or a great conversation on the phone

Re connect with your friends over coffee or call them and talk. Socializing is a great way to get away from the t.v and reconnect with the outside world.

4. Browse the internet

I love youtube. I have a few interests and I love surfing videos through those topics on youtube. Keeps me busy and always makes me feel good. Also, I like browsing different sites and getting lost in a really good article.

5. Go out and get active.

Join a volleyball team, soccer or something else. Get fit, meet people and have fun. There are lots of leagues around that you can join and participate in. Research and get lost in a great activity. For you single ladies it’s also a great way to meet cute and eligible men.

Hopefully these tips help you guys!!

talk to you soon 🙂