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Hello everyone

Its funny how one internal system error can affect over 7 million subscribers world wide. Such is the case when Blackberry’s system outage reached Canada. Last night by bbm stopped working. I figured maybe it was just my phone being slow so I plugged it in to charge and went to bed. I woke this morning to my usual 8 emails sent to me last night and thought nothing of it. Thats is, till I turned on Breakfast Television and heard Kevin Frankish describe how Blackberry’s system problems is now a Canadian problem.

So there I am (or was at that point) disconnected from the Matric meaning no access to email, bbm, twitter and internet. Also including all my apps most importantly wordpress. It felt so weird on my lunch not browsing the internet getting caught up on twitter and typing out a post for wordpress. This sucks!

RIM has had its share of difficulties but this is the topping on an already rancid cake. I was disappointed by the release of iPhone 4S but now I am thinking maybe an iPhone or an android might not be such a bad idea. I have about 9 months left in my contract which gives me enough time to save up a few hundred dollars to get either an android or an iphone. I don’t want to be put on another contract for 3 years. If I do go on a contract it will be for no more then 2 years if that at all. So until then I sit and wait for (my phone to start working) RIM to get their act together  as I put away my money in the mean time.

I bet RIM is regretting letting go of those 2,000 workers about 3 months back. A part of me wonders if this is an internal sabotage of some sort because from what I have read around the internet a lot more people are talking about jumping ship to where the grass is greener – in iPhone and Android land.

Talk to you all later