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Hello lovlies!

Have you ever wondered how to tell if that cute guy you have been chatting up everyday when bump into him on your way for the morning coffee run is romantically interested in you? I have a few tips to help you figure it out.


A tilted head indicates interest because they are curious about you. A tilted head towards you is another great indication.

The hips don’t lie

Swaying hips side to side shows an attempt to gain your attention. Hips thrust forward shows sexual suggestion


Parted lips or licking of the lips indicates sexual interest

How they speak to you

If they match their words, tone and speed of speech with yours this shows a deep interest in you and a desire to relate.

The Eyes

The saying that the eyes don’t lie is true. Dilated pupils and widened eyes combined with raised eyebrows are a great indication of interested.


Knees and feet pointed towards you shows interest. A man sitting with his legs open means he is comfortable in your presence.

I hope this helps you figure out if that cutie is interested in your romantically or not.

Talk to you all soon!