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Feminine hygiene is very important. Not a lot of women know how to care for and maintain good feminine hygiene. So I have compiled a list of things you can do to make sure you are always smelling fresh down there. Not only for good hygiene but so that your man (or woman) won’t mind going down and giving you some oral pleasure. Because let’s face it, who wants to be confronted with a smelly vagina and be expected to put their mouth on it?



Taking Baths

Nothing does the vagina better than sitting in a bath of warm water and allowing the water to cleanse your vagina. Water has a neutral pH and is perfect to help your vagina naturally cleanse itself.

Feminine Wipes and Washes

I am a HUGE fan of Always wipes. They come in a convenient little wrapper and you can place them in your bag and take them with you to the washroom when you have to go. They leave you feeling fresh and cleaner then using toilet paper to pat your vagina dry when you go to pee. They also work perfectly when you are on your period to help keep the area clean and feeling fresh when you have to change your pad or tampon.

Feminine washes are also amazing. Summer’s Eve or a bottle of Equate Feminine Body wash is also a great cleanser for bath time. It keeps the area smelling fresh and clean and keeps offensive odours at bay.

Your Diet

All of the above are great suggestions but if you eat a lot of junk then it will affect the smell and pH of your vagina. You really are what you eat. Eating Yogurt and pineapple is known to have positive effects on the smell and taste of your vagina. I came across a youtuber who put a spoon full of plain yogurt up her vagina about once a week. She swears by it as a way to keep the pH of her vagina neutral and  keep it smelling good and tasting great. Her husband and prior ex boyfriends swear that she is the sweetest tasting and best smelling woman they have ever gone down on. Take if for what you will but those are her testimonies on that! *wink*

Your underwear

Cotton underwear is great to wear because it’s a very breathable fabric. Polyester’s and silks are sexy and great but shouldn’t be worn all the time in exclusion to everything else because they are not as breathable as cotton fabric.

Going to bed Commando!

Yep, you read that right, commando! No panties! No drawls! Nothing! Nada! Not only is it a great way to let your vagina breathe but it’s also sexy! Take those panties off when you come home and change out of your work clothes or when you take a shower, leave the underwear off and go to bed. Your mate will thank you for it and you will have less panties in the laundry. Talk about doing your part to save the environment! *wink*

Let me know if you find these tips helpful!

Talk to you all soon!