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Did Apple drop the ball on their new release of the iphone 4s?

I think this post will deviate slightly from my normal and onto my other passion. Technology! I own a blackberry aka my crackberry and even I was excited about the impending release of the iPhone 5. I couldn’t wait and I became caught up in all the speculation of the cool new things it could do. I kept abreast of the latest news on gadget websites and I just couldn’t wait for it to come out. So when it was delayed, and delayed I began to wonder what was up. Are they going to release the iPhone 5? Whats the hold up and is it going to live up to all this expectation?

On October 3rd I came across an article on yahoo.ca that suggested the iPhone 5 was not going to be released but rather the iPhone 4S. I read it and wondered if this could be a valid assumption. Something deep down inside said it might be because of all these delays. But my heart was set on the iPhone 5 and since I am already 4 months into the last year of my contract I was hoping I could use the new iPhone 5 release as the final push to switch sides and jump ship. Sorry blackberry users – I love my blackberry but I’ve been feeling the pull and lull of the iPhone for some time and blackberry hasn’t come out with any new phones that has placed it in a competitive postion in the Apple and Android market.

Well I bet RIM was screaming shouts of joy October 4th when the news broke that the iPhone 5 was not being released but rather the iPhone 4S. Now to be fair, the 4S is lightening faster then the iPhone 4 but its not an iPhone 5 which is what everyone has been waiting for with baited breath all this time. I felt a bit let down and led on myself even if some of it was self induced. The disappointment could be read on many techno blogs as people voiced what they felt was a huge build up and sore let down. In fact, it was the first time they felt that way since the iPhone made its first debut.

So now I wonder, when my contract is up in July will there be another generation of iPhone that I can purchase? Or will RIM produce a phone that can comptetively compete with the Android’s and iPhone markets.

What kind of phone do you have? An iPhone? Android? or Blackberry?