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A man does not define you.

A man, doesn’t define who you are or what you will become in the future. Only you can determine those important decisions about yourself.

If a man is disrespecting you, crossing your boundaries, or treating you like his money and sucess made you what you are you have to stand up for yourself and let him know that his disrespectful behaviour will not be tolerated and if he keeps it up he will have to go. Then stick to it. You cannot change anyone to be the good person you envision them to be. Everyone is in control of their own emotions and their own actions. By staying you are not helping him to be a better person. Giving him chance after chance is not helping him either. You have to take a stand for yourself and show that you respect and value yourself enough not to tolerate that kind of behaviour.

The idea of leaving the man you love who is not treating you right can be very hard because as women, we love our men and when in love we believe that our love can heal all wounds. Thats bullshit. Any man worth his salt to you should not be so wounded that he needs to be healed. In that instance, he should take the time and the necessary psycho therapy and deal with that before he considers being in a relationship with someone else.  But consider the cost to you staying with him; your self esteem, your self worth, and your self respect. If he doesn’t make you feel good when he is around, but rather points out all your flaws or doesn’t hesitate to remind you of all the things he has done for you then ask yourself if this is what love is supposed to be and if this is the kind of love that you want. Deep down inside you will know the answer. No man’s money, fame, title, position in the company or position in society can define everything that you are. You are far too complex and beautifully made to be quantified by a dollar amount or the attention that an unworthy man can give you.

You have to not only tell yourself that you are worth it but you have to believe it and communicate your refusal to accept anything less than respect. If he can’t change move on.  In the long run, this will pay off. Talk to a friend you can trust who won’t judge you and take this time to work on yourself so you don’t settle for someone else who will disrespect you.

YOU have to know YOUR power or they won’t!






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