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Hey Dolls

As I sat here watching Kim Kardashian’s Wedding Special on E!, I turned to facebook during the commercial break and saw that a former co worker had put up a picture that she is engaged. I really liked “C” and I still do like her a lot. She met her now fiance around the same time that I met my ex and she turned 4 years this year which we would have been if we were still together. Her photo title was so beautiful and it really shown how sweet a guy he is.

It got me thinking. A few weeks ago I over heard Joyce Myers saying that one of the ways you will receive your blessing is when you can be happy for someone getting first, what your heart desires. She further explained that sometimes God tests you to see how you react to seeing someone else get what you want. It doesn’t always have to be someone in your inner circle, it can be a co worker getting that promotion before you, or a facebook friend gushing about achieving or getting something you want down to a celebrity, but either way you will be blessed when you can be genuinely happy for that person’s success.

I’m genuinely happy for her because she is such a cool girl and her man really loves her and rightly so. Congrats C! I can’t wait to see the wedding photos on Facebook 🙂