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In life there are always people who will not like the decisions you make. They will have an opinion about how wrong you are and they will predict the demise of your plans. Though it can be difficult to deal with people like that in your outside world but when those people are in your house or in your family it becomes even more difficult.

I’ve experienced the stress of having family members who are not happy with something I am trying to achieve and how much it can create a rift. Sometimes it because they feel I am going about something wrong or they feel that something is wrong for me. As I sat and watched Khole talk about Kris behind his back then the confrontation that occurred afterwards between them I became annoyed. I think Khole went about her concerns in a way showed her issues with Kim, her extravagant wedding, and her soon to be husband. She veiled it in a natural concern which I am sure she might have had but it came across as pure hate.

It’s no secret that she and Kourtney, in the past have had issue with Kim having the spot light and I wondered if watching her now talk crap behind Kris and Kim’s back was a throw back to those days. It disgusted me. I think if her concerns were really coming from a good place she would have gone to Kim directly and not to her soon to be husband and accuse him of trying to take advantage of Kim’s fame. What also annoyed me even more was that she went to their mom and voiced concerns about her and Kortney’s interest’s being protected from Kim’s marriage should it fall apart. She was concerned that the pre-nup wasn’t signed and how that might affect the business they share. I thought it was disgusting that she hinted that Kim would thank her in the long run.

I doubt Khloe is one to talk to anyone about being married to someone too soon, to being fame hungry or about not considering the protection of the family interests. When she was met with questions from her family she let them know that this is her decision and its final no matter what they think or feel. They didn’t go to Lomar, they went to her. I remember when the news of her engagement hit the blogs she was crucified as an opportunistic jezebel who interfered with Lomar’s prior relationship with his baby mother. They ripped her apart and said she was taking advantage of his desire to get married and that her marriage wouldn’t last at all. It was cruel the things they said, and many of the things she is accusing Kim and Kris of was said about her and worse.

She knew Lomar for a few short days (9 days I believe) then got married about a week after that. To sit and say that Kim is in love with being in love and loves everybody as if her 9 day relationship and engagement makes her a officiandao on how to date and marry is disgusting. How soon she forgets and I am very sure she is aware of what was said about her on every blog and internet gossip site. Yet 2 years later they are still together and very happy.  So who is she to think she can say the same rude things to her sister that were said about her. It’s one thing to have those kinds of haters on blogs and gossip sites. It’s another to have your sister who touts herself as the one who, “says it and keeps it real”, in the family say it about you too. The people on the blogs don’t know Kim, you do! What a hypocrite. Khloe needs to deal with her own issues with her jealously and insecurities and if she has the right intentions then she should talk to her sister first and not the man her sister is going to marry.

I think this annoys me because I know how it feels. The family member’s who have an opinion against you will congregate together, talk it out, agree on each other’s shared opinion and share predictions on how things will end. Yet they never come to you, the person they are “concerned” about and tell you how they feel or what their concerns are. Same goes for the person you are with. My mother didn’t like my ex. But instead of communicating that to me first, she sat and talked about him and me behind my back to other family members. I had to find out her “concerns” through cousins or over heard conversations. It hurt my feelings and it didn’t come across as concerns it came across as hate. Many of her concerns were rooted in her observed opinion of things that were not true. I wished she had come to me first and discussed what she felt were things that bothered her instead of spreading untruths to people who didn’t know him and hadn’t seen me in years. It felt like a hate campaign and it only continued and so did my resentment of her and so the wall between us grew and thickened and I shut her out of my relationship and anything to do with him.

I look back and some of her concerns were obviously valid and I think now 10 months after the conclusion of the relationship and a few discussions between us later she now understands and has clarification on events and things that happened. But I think I would have taken her concerns and issues about him a lot more seriously if she had gone about communicating them to me and talking to me rather than calling every family member and friend she could and voicing her concerns and perceptions to them. When she chose that route of communication it made me feel that she was against me and I was alone because she not only felt strongly about them but she began becoming cold and indifferent.  It pushed me further towards him and his family and in turn she felt shut out and began resenting the relationship and what she saw as a choosing them over her.

A lot of lessons learned later for both of us and communication. I’m sure Khloe and Kim have also learned as well.

Till next time folks.