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Last night I went out with my friend P. She is the tall amazonian Hungarian friend that I have who is just gorgeous! So we decided to hit up a fav spot. We both wore mini skirts; mine was black and hers was black and grey. I wore a muti coloured blue pink and grey abstract pattern dressy tank top and she wore a cute red dressy tank top. We both hit King street and made our way to the spot. It was a fun walk even though my feet were not liking the new heel situation.

Anyway, we get to the club and it wasn’t what we expected. Too many women and not enough good-looking men. We both didn’t communicate to the other that we wouldn’t mind staying so we left thinking we are being nice to the other. It wasn’t till we were in the cab with a rather smelly driver that we confessed our preference to stay at that club. In any case we left and hopped over to a Columbian club so she could see her boo boo. I wasn’t too keen on going to that part of the city for a Spanish jam. When we got there it was an upstairs club and sparse. There were probably 25 people there but because it was a small space it didn’t look so bad.

I wasn’t feeling the music really because I was in the mood for some dance and top 40 and not reggaeton and Columbian music. But I made the best of it and soon a good-looking tall Columbian guy came and danced with me. Another older guy came and danced with me too and soon it was a competition between them. I preferred the younger guy but I enjoyed them both. Now I don’t know if it was the fact that I was the only Bronze woman in there or the fact that Kim Kardashian and I have ample booty (I had a drunk white guy call me Kim Kardashian once very loudly outside of a club then profess his undying love to me and my booty – excessive drinking is not attractive no matter how cute you are) but I was quite popular with the Columbian Men that night.

The older Columbian guy became a bit too touchy feely so I benched him and the younger Columbian guy insisted on kissing me on the dance floor even though I rebuffed him. I thought he was sexy, and fun but I made a decision that I wasn’t going to kiss anyone on the dance floor of a club when I don’t know them. This became my personal boundary last night. I think that my mouth is sacred but not only that, the Biologist in me starts conjuring up images of all the bacteria, germs, and possible personal hygiene issues you may have not to mention any cold sores or virus’s that you could possibly pass on to me. No. I need to know that you take personal care of your mouth i.e your breath doesn’t stink nor do you have excessive plaque buildup around your teeth and gums. That can’t be seen under the dim lights over the dance floor. I’m not saying I don’t believe in feeling “it”, I just don’t think I can feel “it” with someone I just met 10 minutes earlier who has had 3 shots in that time period and is looking quite wasted at that moment.

Call me a bitch but that’s just how I feel about it. So I told him no one final time and when he got aggressive I left the club.

It’s never ok, no matter who the person or what he circumstances to let someone walk over your boundaries. Communicate then if they don’t understand walk away. They may whine and moan about it but it’s better you walk away with your self-respect then wake up the next morning wondering what you were thinking.

Talk to you all later