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Hello ladies and gentleman

I wanted to explore the topic of female friends and their ability to help you tap into eligible bachelors. They say a good friend sticks closer then a brother, in a woman’s case, a sister but can she find you a great dating match?

When I was in highschool I met a few guys through friends. It was always the same thing though. She met a cute guy, cute guy had a friend who wanted to know if she had any single friends. She thinks of you and next thing you know your on a date (sometimes double date) with said guy and her guy wondering what you should say next so you can alleviate the sometimes ackward silence and shy glances across the table. Even then, it could all go horibbly right or terribly wrong.

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes friends can really have a great eye for picking great dates for their single friends but I don’t recommend relying on this method alone as a means to get a Saturday night date. I recommend going out there and meeting people. Participate in activities that sparks your interest and don’t put oo much pressure on every man you meet as the potential next boyfriend or your future “the one”. First off, it comes across as desperate and men can pick up on that with preciseness that surprises most scientists. As well, it puts a lot of pressure on what could progress naturally into a great relationship to be rushed to the next level. Take your time, get to know people and let things progress naturally. Not everyone is meant to be your friend, or even acquaintance. But the fun part is meeting those new people and putting yourself out there so you increase your odds and proximity to eligible suitors.

The best “friend hook” up’s I have ever seen and heard of was when a girl is set up by her male friends. Now, not many guys are going to take the time to play matchmaker and go out of their way to hook you up with their friends. Unfortunately, as cute as you are, you are not the centre of conversation when they meet up. But it’s a good idea to let them know you are looking and ask their advice on the dating market. I don’t know what it is but guys hooking up their female friends seems to work out better (from what I have seen) then when their girlfriends do the hook ups. I dont know. I guess it comes down to the fact that a guy knows how another guy thinks.  So pick  your guy friends brains, get the inside scoop on whats going on then use it to your advantage in the dating world.

In anything you do, whether you choose your female or male friends to hook you up, you have to establish what you are looking for, how many contacts your friends have with other eligible men, if those men are your type or share the same things in common as you, and how open you are to being fixed up blindly with someone. I think its a great avenue to add to other avenues being used to meet great guys for dating and marriage. If you are going to go the route of friend’s being matchmaker I think it’s important to have a condid conversation about what your type is, who you want to date and what you are looking for to avoid ackward dating match up’s and mis represented expectations.

Till next time 🙂