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Hello everyone.

On the heels of the news that Blake Lively and Leonardo Dicaprio have split, I wondered aloud to myself why a lot of women are attracted to serial monogamists. Like many men who belong to this category, Leonardo has had string of long-term relationships that have last years but have never ended in a proposal and a commitment to marriage.

Yet women will flock to these men who often times are very good look, have nice cars and make good money and they stay with them even though deep down in their heart they know they are being stalled in the relationship. Often times, given enough time, a man will tell you what he wants and where he sees things. First he will tell you with his words, then the truth will come out in his actions.

Are you with a serial monogamist? Here are some signs to tell.

1. When asked, he or she can’t pinpoint a time in between relationships where they were alone for a while.

2. Early on in dating, they display signs of exclusivity

3. They go out of their way to do “couples” activities before you are officially a couple

4. They can’t stop talking about being exclusive and wanting a girl to “settle down with and love” and your only on the 3rd date.

5. He goes way out of his way to be romantic and do really nice things early on without you being a couple as yet.

6. He’s lived with multiple girlfriends in the past

7. He was dating someone when you met him

8. He has had a string of long term relationships (2 to 3 years and more) but never a proposal but many excuses as to why it was their fault and why they were not the one. He also may have even lived with them.

9. He gives very vague reasons as to why his previous long term relationship didn’t work out.

10. He speaks about a future with you too soon and tries to move things along quickly by pressuring you to meet your kids, your parents, or friends.

Do you recognize any of these signs? If so, your man might be a serial monogamist and you will have to eventually have a conversation with yourself about how and where you want this relationship to go.

Till next time.

Till next time