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Hello Ladies,

Ever wonder where you can meet eligible men in Toronto (and anywhere else)? What are the good dating spots to meet a progressive professional man, an artsy type, or someone who is not your typical saturday night club pick up? Well read on, I have compiled a list to help you figure it out.

1. Get a hobby!

Thats right, if you are into arts and crafts, volleyball or the latest trends in abstract art, joining a class or signing up for a seminar (free or paid) is a really good way to meet someone who has the same interests as you. Comb your local news paper for classes, and art openings, grab a free college or university courses outline (many are available online such as www.yorku.ca, www.humber.ca, www.ryerson.ca, www.uoft.com and browse to see whats available). Not only can you meet some great people who have the same interests as you but it helps you to gain a sense of self and independence and it helps to build character and perspective. All of which makes you interesting which  is key. You want to be more than a pretty face and attractive smile.

2. Book reading Sessions

If you’re a book-worm like me then this might just be right up your ally. Find a genre you like and sign up for a book club. A lot of book club listings can be found at your local library or community newspaper. Another good place to find book clubs besides your local library is www.meetup.com. I love this site because you can search groups according to your interests and what makes it even better is you can narrow down and pick those groups according to where you live. The trick here though is to not only go to reading sessions for your favorite authors but try to attend as many readings as you can. Not only does it expand your reading repertoire but it also increases your chances of meeting a cute book-worm like yourself.

3. Online

I mentioned www.meetup.com and it really is a great way to find meetups in your area that are conducting sessions with your interest. This site has interests that range from dating, to books, languages, to how to think positive and being positive energy in your life and everything in between. Toronto is a big city but what makes Toronto so great is that there are surrounding boroughs and neighbouring cities that you can explore for great meetup opportunities. I have gone to a few and I can tell you it is a great way to meet people and cute eligible men as well. Check it out!

4. Coffee Shops.

The thing I love about Starbucks and other coffee shops like it is you can not only go and get a great cup of joe (in various fancy named sizes) but Starbucks also attracts a lot of professionals, students, the trendy 20 somethings and rockin dirty 30’s (I love that).  If their is a particular neighbourhood that you want to move into by any chance, frequenting the neighbourhood and coffee shops as well as other specialty shops is an amazing way to not only become familiar with the locals (and they with you) but you can meet quite a few people as well. For example, there is an area that I really like and I would love to move to. I have gone a few times and checked out their local library, photo studio  (I modeled for my brother’s photography group once), purussed their antique shops and talked with the shop owners. After a while I became familiar with the locals and they with me. It’s funny how a smile and a how are you can go a really long way. My life has gotten a bit busier lately and I have not been able to go back but it is a great way to meet new people and open up new opportunities like, finding a great 1 bedroom bachelor apartment or room for rent there (hint, hint if you are looking to move to a nicer part of town on a limited budget). definitely try this tip! Its is like a hidden insider gem on how to get into that trendy neighbourhood and meet the type of eligible men you’ve always wanted.

5. At Work

Now I know some people might frown on this idea because the old saying goes, “dont sh*t where you eat” but I disgaree. Work is a great place to meet eligible single men provided that your relationship is not a direct conflict of interest such as a boss or supervisor. Great ways to get your transferred, black balled or worse, fired! The upside of dating a co-worker is you get to know their personality, and work habits. By the way, a mans work habits and how they go about performing and completing their tasks is a major hint about how they are in a relationship and how well they can be a good provider should your relationship progress to the next level. If your hot co-worker is a last-minute type of person who thrives on pulling out hat tricks at the last dire second then don’t be surprised if he has to be pushed to do things that he know should be done when you are in a relationship. I’ll talk about this in another post. But back to the topic. The variety you have to choose from in a work setting of eligible male co-workers works to your advantage because you can get to know their personality traits and pick and choose who falls most in line with what you are looking for. Why not start off a conversation about official matters, then steer the conversation to his interests, places he likes to hang out then take it from there. Who knows, you might just be working alongside your future husband and you don’t even know it yet.

6. Volunteer!

Volunteering is an excellent way to meet passionate, caring and compassionate eligible bachelors. A man who is passionate about feeling the needy, saving the latest animal to be placed on the endangered list or mentoring a youth is perfect suitor who shares a common interest as you and displays noble traits such as commitment to a cause and compassion.

I hope you found this list helpful.

I have been MIA for the past few days and I do apologize. I’ve been brainstorming great topics, Sunday was the run for Cancer (Go Team PINK!) and studying.

Talk to you all later 🙂