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Last night I went out with my cousin to Nuit Blanche, a festival of lights and art that in downtown Toronto. What makes this festival so unique is that the downtown landscape is turned into one giant artist canvas that is showcased at night. Its fun, and interesting. I have never gone to it before so I was super psyched to go with my cousin and explore everything the festival had to offer.

Last night was sooo cold! I wore tights under my jeans and thick socks and I was still cold. Everyone was cold lol. I figured there would be warmth in numbers but I was so wrong…about the warmth that is. I have been to Dundas and Yonge multiple times but even when I ventured down there for Caribana Friday the crowd was not as big (and Caribana Friday had a lot of people). The people there were drinking, some had the alcohol concealed in pop cans, other’s had it in paper bags walking and drinking it down the street.

The sculptors and exhibits last year featured on the news were a lot nicer than this year. I found it to be one big gathering of people and a few small exhibits but nothing to write home about. A few interesting tidbits were that there was a moving DJ float with a bunch of kids and adults following behind and jumping to the beat. My cousin joked that it was a white Caribana because the crowd flowed with it as it moved down Dundas street. A Street car was stuck behind the whole thing and had to inch along as the revellers jumped and danced to the beat.

There was one thing that happened last night that was a bit disturbing. Toronto Police are known for not being the most compassionate and empathetic when it comes to dealing with criminals or people who step to close to the line of the law. I’ve heard stories and have seen them on the news of people being taken into custody and being beaten even though they have surrendered and are not fighting back. I’ve also heard stories from guys when I was growing up who used to caution each other not to talk back or be rude to the police because they won’t hesitate to beat you for giving them attitude. Well, last night I saw a little bit of that.

There were 2 asian officer’s who were trying to guide the street car through the intersection at Dundas and Yonge. I wondered why the streetcar was even trying to make it through because the crowd was insanely thick and it was dangerous for anyone walking through. Both officer’s looked frustrated but the oldest of the  2 looked the most upset. I stood and held my cousin’s arm back so she didn’t cross ahead. As we stood there, a tall skinny girl with a mass of curly hair, oblivious to what the officer was doing or why everyone was stopping decided to walk through. I think she was so caught up in the moment and probably drinking that she didn’t pick up on the cue that this officer was trying to hold everyone back so the streetcar and a limo could pass. After the streetcar went through she stepped out with two friends, her friends stopped suddenly but she wasn’t looking. The officer looked at her, and threw her back so hard that she flew a good 4 or 5 feet as he yelled, “are you stupid or what?”. I was shocked. We all were and the crowd standing there became temporarily silent.

I think the officers felt overwhelmed by the size of the people and the fact that it was just two of them trying to guide this 5-10 ton street car through a massive crowd. Obviously this girl was not looking where she was going and stepped out into the path of a car, albeit moving 1 lm/hr through the crowd. I didn’t see the car and I was standing right there so that goes to show how thick the crowd was. But I don’t think he should have thrown her like that. After he threw her, about 2 seconds later the car began to move again and I didn’t see it till about 5 seconds after that. I was just staring at this officer who was livid. No one moved till he said so. It disgusted me. I guess some would say he saved said girls life or at the very least saved her from being injured. I don’t know about all of that. I wonder about the people she fell on when she landed in the crowd and if those injuries if any would justify the injuries he saved her from a car moving 1 km/hr because there was no way it could move any faster than that. The crowd was waaaay to thick for that and was surrounding the car.

Other than that it was a really fun night.

Talk to you all later everyone 🙂